General Questions

Second Consultation provides a platform for patients and doctors to interact with each other in total privacy and confidence.

With increasing burden of disease and spiraling cost of treatment, many patients or their relations and / or friends want to be doubly sure as to the line of treatment and projected cost. For this you would like to have another opinion. And is the easiest way of getting it from whereever you are.

The process to get opinion from experts on is as simple as 1 – 2 - 3. You need to follow these 3 steps.

1. Create your patient account on

2. Select the expert of your choice and share your history and questions with the expert.

3. Enter your complaints / medical history. You can even upload unlimited documents including doctor’s prescriptions, laboratory reports etc. Just make sure that you upload the oldest paper/prescription/report first.

At Second Consultation we take your data very seriously, as we understand that we all need confidentiality to be maintained regarding our medical records. Hence we take utmost care to ensure that your data is secure and does not fall in wrong hands. So we use SSL technology to safegaurd your data.

Second Consultation understands the need to keep your transactions secure. Hence every effort is made to keep your data secure. All payments made on are through a recognized payment gateway, which ensure security of the payment process.

At Second Consultation patient comes first. Hence we ensure that our process are the best in the industry. When you select an expert of your choice to give you consultation, we ensure that the concerned expert gets information about the case and is reminded to give consultation in time. We generally anticipate that the experts will give you reply within 2 working days. If, however, you do not get an opinion from the expert within this time. You can request for refund of the fees paid. Second Consultation will give you refund after deduction of administrative fees and transaction charges which would be 75% of the fees paid by you. For this e-mail at

Many times, as patients / relatives / caregivers are confused as they get differing opinions from doctors whom they approach. At such times, helps you to seek answers from experts who may be practicing at a long distance from you, without having to move an inch! You can upload your or patient’s history and related documents to seek opinion from one or more experts of your choice on Second Consultation. You can to do multiple consultations by following the same process.

As a doctor, when you create your account on, you provide us your bank details. When you receive a case and give your consultation, the amount due to you would be transfered to your account in the first week of coming month. TDS, Transaction Charges, Administrative charges & Governemnt Taxes as applicable from time to time, would be deducted from the consultation charges you have entered in your profile. You would be getting approximately 75% of the fees entered by you. We would intimate you by email and SMS of the amount transferred to your account.