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Second Consultation is providing a platform for patients, doctors, hospitals and medical tourism companies to interact with each other in real time and with total privacy and confidence.

With increasing burden of disease and spiralling cost of treatment it is obvious that patient or his relations and or friends want to be doubly sure as to the line of treatment and projected cost. Patients, their family members, extended family, friends and empathizers would like to have another opinion which can be second or sometimes third and fourth. For one disease different doctors would have differing opinions and advices. Even in this era of EVIDENCE BASED TREATMENT. There are grey zones in almost all of medical fields. And this leaves the patient in a dilemma. This is where Second Consultation offers you an easy way of finding a doctor/hospital of your choice and your location. The consultation/opinion you get from doctors of your choice enforces your belief in your doctor/hospital or it adds to what you have been told. As there is a saying "TWO BRAINS ARE BETTER THAN ONE".

The world is running short on hospitals and doctors. Small cities/distant cities is one such example. Almost every small hospital is managed by a qualified, competent and efficient doctor and a human being par excellence. At times here a patient is being treated. And comes a new finding and an expert consultation/opinion is needed. Or the treating/primary doctor is in dilemma or not sure. This is where Second Consultation comes to aid you. Search for a doctor and start communicating with him or her in total privacy. From the comfort of your home or hospital. We make taking a second consultation easier, faster and safer.

You select the doctor and can start communicating with him by email, phone or videoconferencing. Email is the best and proven option. For communication on phone or videoconferencing you have to use the applications provided on the platform. For stable disease you might have to take a prior appointment as doctors are usually busy.

Doctors/Hospitals/Medical Tourism Companies sign-up and write about their pathy / specialty / super-specialty / expertise and their experience. We do not edit this data. We take all sign-ups at face value unless we get some feedback contrary to what is written thru support@secondconsultation.com

Second Consultation still believes your treating/primary doctor is right. Please inform him that you are taking a second consultation/opinion. Or as soon as you get your consultation/opinion share it with him/her. Doctor is your friend and we are friend of you and him/her. It would be the best proposition that your doctor and our doctor giving second consultation are working together. For the betterment of your patient.

Why Online Opinion

In the world of speed and paucity of time for everybody there has to be a way out to minimize the physical and mental stress required for selecting a doctor/hospital for making an appointment, travelling, waiting in the doctor`s office/hospital and spending a lot of money. Developing countries have less doctors and hence doctors might not be able to give adequate time. This may give an impression to the patient that he has not been taken care of properly. Which actually is not so. Second Consultation presents a platform for you to find a doctor of your choice and location and have online second, third or fourth consultation from the comfort of your home. You would have the satisfaction that your doctor actually gave you the right consultation/opinion. It buttresses the fact that you had got the correct opinion from your doctor. Your treating doctor was right in his work! This ensures your privacy, and saves you from the mental, physical and economic burden. The best part is you and your chosen doctor only know about this. As Second Consultation has a policy of not making public any patient data on our second consultation or second opinion. We feel online opinion is a step towards the future of medical opinion with the integration of artificial intelligence.


You have gone to a Family Physician or General Practitioner, have test reports, and you have not understood the disease, test reports and treatment plan or you are not satisfied or you have doubts and you want another consultation / opinion / advice then Second Consultation is for you. You have the option to attach unlimited medical records. All this goes to the doctor of your choice. There is a fee for this which is set by the doctor. If your chosen doctor does not reply by 48 hours (2 working days) Second Consultation would depute a similar doctor to answer your query. We will also be having the facility to call / video chat with the doctor very soon. You may later on separately personally meet the doctor, if you so desire, to have a face to face interaction.

Even in times of emergency you might try secondconsultation.com it is possible you might find a doctor who is online! Or a doctor who replies to your queries fast. We do send SMS and Email the doctor chosen. We would advise caution in emergency situation though. Doctors being busy just might not be able to give you a second consultation even if they have a message that it is needed. So be cautious.

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